Keep London moving

London faces a transport funding crisis. 

Transport for London have been getting financial support from the Government because of the pandemic. This interim funding deal was due to expire on 11 December but has now been extended until 4 February. If London's transport doesn't get the sustainable funding it needs, we could see a reduction in bus and Tube services as well as a complete end to all active travel funding. This could result in fewer public transport journeys a day and drive a significant number of Londoners back into their cars. 

The Government indicated that it would be prepared to fund bus and Tube services until the end of March 2022 but a deal has yet to be done so we do not know about the conditions that will be attached to this funding.

Public transport and active travel enables the poorest and most excluded individuals to get to work and access education and services. Affordable, reliable and frequent public transport services are also essential if London is to reduce its carbon emissions and clean up the toxic air which shortens the lives of thousands. 

Time is running out but you can still make your voice heard. 

If we act now, we can remind politicians that public transport and active travel is vital to all Londoners and people travelling in to the city. Let your MP, London Assembly member and councillor know why we need to #keeplondonmoving.

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